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SHOCKING: Talent in trouble as Landlord send them packing over five years rent | NAIJA NEWSPAPERS

Today [6/28/2017] is a sad day to Mr Matthew as Lagos state judiciary storm his apartment to park his family outside their apartment over none payment of house rent for five years.

A house located at No 12 Olu Akerele street, beside Ebenezer Obey's House has said to belonging to one Mr. Kayode which was rented by Mr Matthew

An email sent to Naija Newspapers shows that Mr Matthew rented the house and refuse to pay his due rent for past five years, even when the court has directed that he should park out with his family, giving them three months of vacating but Mr Matthew turn it down till the court take action by coming themselves 

Read statement:
"Mr Matthew park in to No 12 Olu Akerele street, Ikeja, Lagos, 2011, which he payed for one year but after the one years has expel, the Landlord [Mr. Kayode] ask for his rent but Mr Matthew pleaded for more months because of the newly birth of his wife. 

One year passed no payment and the Landlord gave him quick notice to vacate the apartment which is said to be three bedroom flat, Mr Matthew refuse the offer that made the Landlord take the issue to court, the delay of the court made the Mr Matthew to stay from 2013 till today 6/28/2017 till the  Lagos state judiciary took action by coming to park them out."