Firefighters Remove Gas Cylinders From Burning Sand Dredger In South China

Firefighters prevented a burning sand dredger from blasting at noon on Friday in the Fanyu District, Guangzhou City of south China’s Guangdong Province.

The four-decked sand dredger got on fire while in operation. The fire came from the cabins of its upper three decks, including a cabin where were stored four tons of diesel oil, some oil paint and five gas cylinders.

Three of the cylinders were full of gas, and could explode at any moment.

Firefighters soon arrived at the site after receiving a fire call. They used five water cannons to suppress the fire from outside, then when the fire was put under control, several firemen boarded the dredger to thoroughly put out the fire and remove the gas cylinders.

After two hours’ effort, the firefighters completely extinguished the fire and delivered the five gas cylinders to safety.

No casualties were reported from the accident and most of the things that got burned were goods of daily necessity.

According to operators of the sand dredger, a fault of an electric cooker might have been the cause of the fire.

Naija Newspapers
Naija Newspapers

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