NEWS: Osinbajo’s life is in danger - Primate Ayodele gives scary prophecies Osinbajo’s life is in danger - Primate Ayodele gives scary prophecies

Primate Babatunde Elijah Ayodele has released new prophecies warning the life of acting president, Professor Yemi Osinbajo was in danger. 

According to The Sun, the popular religious cleric said the acting president was struggling with a cabal that wanted to see him removed. 

Primate Ayodele also warned the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) not to consider the victory at the Osun rerun election as a sign that it is back but should rather see it as a step in the right direction. 

He said: “The vice president’s life is in danger but God will see him through. “Many things will still be exposed about the plots against him. 

“There are so many things we don’t see now; the vice president is struggling against the cabal. As it is now, the villa is vacant. “We have just started. With Makarfi back in the saddle, PDP will be on its way to gradual recovery if they take the right steps. 

“As it is PDP needs proper cleansing. Makarfi can still bring the party back but if the party brings the wrong person for the presidential election in 2019, the party may not win. 

“The APC will now have crisis with Makarfi returning except they are able to put their house in order and re-strategise if the party is to retain power. “At end of the day, it may neither be APC nor PDP that will get the centre if they fail to present sellable candidates. 

I don’t want to talk about candidates now; at the appropriate time I will reveal that. “What I am saying is that Makarfi can still stabilize PDP. What happens in Osun does not mean that PDP is back. 

“They should reorganize the party properly and do the right in the party. At the same time APC is cracking. “If APC wishes to retain the Presidency, they should also ensure they put their house in order.” 

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