Abuja Protest: Buhari can’t continue as President ―Protesters

A coalition of Concerned Nigerians, on Friday, came hard on President Muhammadu Buhari’s health status, saying “the president doesn’t have health to continue to lead this nation”.

“Our president is ill, some people are trying to force him on us. I want to say very clearly that it is obvious to Nigerians that president doesn’t have the health to continue to lead this nation, the man is begging to be left alone.”

“Mr. President is an old man, we love him and we believe that he is becoming very old, therefore we are asking National Assembly instead of them attacking us, instead of them responding to us, they should do the needful as the seat of wisdom of this nation to pass a motion asking the Federal Executive Council to set up a medical panel to look into the health of Mr. President,” a co-Convener, Resume or Resign, Ariyo Dare Atoye disclosed.

In his switch reaction, the Convener of Centre for Civil Society and Justice (CCSJ), Prince Goodluck Obi referred to them as disgruntled elements who wanted to bring nullity into the county after the administration of President Buhari has killed the monster called corruption and restored the dignity of Nigeria internally.

According to him, “We are also here to make a statement in support of the president especially in the area of anti-corruption, because no government in Nigeria since independence in 1960 has come with some courage and stamina to fight corruption no matter who is involved but President Buhari will tell you and you are gone.”

“So those who are calling for his resignation where is their argument? When the Constitution has never said it and he transmitted power willingly, this now shows that these are disgruntled elements, these are people who want to bring Nigeria into nullity because this is a man who has come to salvage this country. We are here to stand by him not minding any group trying to thwart the good thing God has given us we must be vehemently resist,” he stressed.

Both the anti and pro-President Buhari’s protesters almost had a commotion but immediate intervention of security operatives saved the day as Pro-Buhari supporters invaded Unity Fountain, Maitama; venue of the take-off, in large numbers.

It will be recalled that the Convener, Our Mumu Don Do, Charles Oputa (Charley Boy) and the Convener of Concerned Nigerians, Deji Adeyanju, had since Monday, commenced a protest asking President Buhari to either resign or resume duties due to his health status. They were however brutalized on day two by stern-looking police officers who demobilized them with teargas canisters.

Speaking further, a co-Convener, Resume or Resign, Atoye said President Buhari also did the same when late President Umar Musa Yar’Adua was ill.

“For those who said our action is treasonable, we will tell them to carry on that we shall compare notes in the future because they have forgotten that the same president that is sick today exercised his fundamental human right. Common sense entails that the president should resign because his health can no longer take him.”

“He asked Yar’Adua to leave, he asked Yar’Adua to be impeached, but we are not even asking National Assembly to impeach him. He is an elderly man we are only asking him to, out of love we have for our nation, resign and let his beautiful family take good care of him,” he added.

Also speaking, the Convener, Concerned Nigerians, Adeyanju, said there were reports that the president has cancer and the group had made it known in response to the presidency that instead of casting aspersion the presidency should tell Nigerians.

“If our president is undergoing chemotherapy in the United Kingdom, like it was reported in the media, they must come clean, we are not interested in distractions, we are not even interested in back and front arguments we are interested in the issues. Are the reports true? Does the president have cancer? Is he undergoing chemotherapy in UK? Is that why he cannot return?”

“The presidency must give Nigerians and the group full disclosure on the health status of our president. He is not above the Nigerian people. We are not distracted by the government that says it is fighting corruption,” he pointed out.

Convener, Our Mumu Don do, Charley Boy who spoke in pidgin language said: “I stand gidigba with the Nigerian youth, no be the yeye ones, I stand with una 24/7 nothing dey happen father dey here, dey dinger una.”

It will be recalled that President Buhari had since May 7, 2017 left the country for medical check-up in London writing to the National Assembly that he would return only when his doctors certified him fit.
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