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All Rats relocated to Aso Rock to seek greener pastures - Reno Omokri

If you are wondering why the rats in your city have reduced, wonder no more. 

They have all relocated to seek greener pastures at Aso Rock! But on a serious note though, President Yar'adua left Nigeria on November 23, 2009 and did not return until February 10, 2010. 

Thereafter he was at the Presidential Villa until he died on May 5, 2010. For a period of 6 months, his office was vacant until Dr. Goodluck Jonathan succeeded him. In all that time, rodents never destroyed his office. 

Which just makes you wonder the type of rodents that exist in Aso Rock under President Muhammadu Buhari the man who promised Nigerians change but ended up giving his people chains!

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