If Buhari refuses to resign, he should be made minister of foreign affairs - Fayose

Ayodele Fayose, governor of Ekiti state, says if President Muhammadu Buhari still wants to remain in office, he should be made the minister of foreign affairs.

Speaking at a Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) forum in Ibadan, Oyo state capital, Fayose criticised the presidency for shrouding Buhari’s health in secrecy.

He said he was excluded from the delegation that visited Buhari in London because the organisers of the trip know that he would “definitely reveal the truth”.

Two weeks ago, Buhari hosted seven governors from the ruling All Progressives Congress (APC) and the PDP at the Abuja House in London.

Fayose said he had joined his counterparts on that trip, he would have observed Buhari closely and disclose the outcome of his findings to Nigerians.

“Why did they not take me to London. Why didn’t they take me there? They obviously knew very well that I would listen to the man and know whether his voice is clear or not. Then, I would be able to tell Nigerians the truth,” he said.

“Leadership must come with a certain measure of strength. If you don’t have strength, how can you govern the country?

“So, we need a president that is hale and hearty. If our president doesn’t want to go, let him become the minister of foreign affairs in London. These are statements of fact.”

He also spoke about the supreme court judgment which sacked Ali Modu Sheriff as chairman of the PDP.

Fayose accused Buruji Kashamu, senator representing Ogun east of conniving with Sheriff to work against the interest of the PDP.

Describing Kashamu as a blackleg, Fayose wondered why a PDP senator would be “condemning me and praising Buhari”.

He said the crisis in the party started from Ogun state.

“I am not one of the people who will tell the APC that it is a good party. They are only deceiving you. The only thing they do is to see that the PDP die ahead of 2019 but the average man on the street can see and they can measure the difference,” he said.

“They cannot wait for elections in 2019 to get rid of these people because they are tired of them.

“The crisis in the PDP started from Ogun state when they didn’t allow Gbenga Daniel to succeed himself. We thought it was a joke; gradually the monster started moving from one state to another.

“A blind man cannot lead us with money that has no source. How can a PDP member be praising President Muhammadu Buhari and condemning Fayose? I cannot blame him because his family has never produced a governor.

“Since he went to the senate, he has not spoken a word. I cannot be in a marriage where the woman is meeting with another man. Buruji is a blackleg in the PDP. He has done bad things to the party and we cannot be with him again. How can he be asking for the party structure in the South-West? I identify with Ogun stakeholders but not Buruji.”

Source: The Cable 
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