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Though, my dream was to become a footballer when I was in secondary school, I thought I couldn't convince my dad to let me join a football academy, so I made academics (getting admission into university) a priority.

In 2007, I sat for my WASSCE, the following year I sat for JME. July and August of that same year I sat for FUTA and O.A.U. post-jme respectively. After I had done the two schools post-jme, I could feel why people respect O.A.U. and why so some people will never think of choosing O.A.U. as a preferred institutionon their JAMB form. I did the Futa post-jme with so much confidence that I had to wait for the invigilators to tell me "time is over", to collect the OMR sheet.

 In the case of O.A.U., it was not only about me racking my brain to get their technical questions right, but to also work very fast against time. The game change that time around. I suddenly found myself shaking, my brain trying to solve ten questions at a time just to beat their unfriendly time. Immediately after the exam, I needed no one to tell me I had failed. My people knew I had failed before I checked the result weeks after because I told them all that happened. I don't hide my failures and I don't think I won't flaunt my success. 

That same year I registered for UNAD and O.A.U. predegree programmes. Though, I got above average at FUTA post-jme, I did not follow it up. I prepared well for UNAD predegree, I did the exam and I knew I was surely going to pass the exam. After UNAD predegree exam, I relented, played football and PES like no man's business, and I talked and thought about girls.

Talks on 'girls' increased during that period compared to my very serious times in secondary school. Actually, the thoughts of girls was on the rise during my WASSCE, but the effect was minimal or let me say no effect because I had planned well months before the exam.

Let me take you aback a little. Two or three months to my WASSCE, I had registered in a school for preparatory lesson for my exam. During that period, I had listed five girls in which I was going to choose one I believed I loved most and I was going to "ju ise omo ye" (commonly used then, meaning, to make a girl your lover) before the end of the lesson. My closest friend in that school, would ask me about my progress, I would reply saying " I have not been lucky with opportunities".
Even when I lucidly knew that I had lost counts of the chances, especially one-to-one chances. The simple truth was that relationship (dating) never had meaning to me, I did not understand what it was and I was trying to find meaning to it, but before I knew I had started drowning in it and I became fearful of it. No thanks to some Hollywood and English Nollywood movies, no thanks to hypnotizing American sexy music videos and no thanks to immorality advocators.

A night before the O.A.U. predegree examination, around 9:00 pm, I was playing PES in my neighbour's sitting room. I hadn't printed the slip I was going to use the folling day and I knew not where my centre was. 

All these happened not because I didn't know what to do, it was just that I was afraid of O.A.U. after their earlier stunt on me in August. I didn't want to fail again. I was forced to print the slip that night and revise my subjects.

A school at Ojota was the venue, I got to the centre late. I never cared, I sneaked into a class, to a vacant seat at the front left row. After some intelligent play on the invigilators, I got my question paper and OMR sheet. 

I did the ones I knew and ticked different options for the ones I didn't know. After the exam, I did not try to think about the exam, I did not try to mingle or make friends, off I left.

Few weeks after the exam, I went to Avonix Cyber Cafe to check my result on CDL home page, and what I saw was CONGRATULATIONS!!!
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