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Reasons why Nigerians in diaspora are declaring support for Atiku Abubakar as Nigeria next president - Johnson Alile

Several groups in diaspora have endorsed the candidacy of “Atiku Abubakar for 2019 presidential polls. Atiku Abubakar is known to them as Mr Restructuring”. Among all aspirants, he is the only one that speaks on mission statements on making Nigeria great.

“We are all use to the words of Nigeria politicians and they keep repeating same without blue print, but I see a difference in Atiku Abubakar….said by a Director of a coalition group in USA”.

Without reading from any book, a presidential aspirant in “Nigeria named Atiku Abubakar, speaks on policies needed in Restructuring Nigeria…. Why can’t everyone support him-Nigerian in UK”.

“Atiku Abubakar has never been known as a man of violence, unrest and he is naturally accepted all over the regions in Nigeria. Either good or bad, he always condemns hate speech and threats and has never been an ambassador of unethical display. His leadership skills show that he is a democrat”.

A Nigeria foreign journalist said…”several attributes led to his acceptance, some are: Atiku Abubakar is economically endowed and that such one is needed at this time of recession. He always talk about unity and that seems to be our major problem for now. He is also the only aspirant that various groups across the country are declaring support for without sentiments or financial engagement. He has always thrown his weight behind the voice of minority ethnic groups and recently initiated a call for Restructuring” which several Nigerians have embraced.

We have carefully accessed the political ideology, achievements and competence of Atiku Abubakar said by a Nigerian foreign lecturer. Most of us have seen that he can unite the nation and restored back the confidence of foreign investors and bring the genuine change Nigeria deserve.

Atiku Care foundation, which has spread international, is also a factor to be considered. He is a detribalized Nigerian, well-endowed in managing people, approaching issues and managing entities.

Written by Johnson Alile
Phone number: 08057162214


  1. The Waziri Adamawa, Remains the most experienced and prepared presidential candidate of all mentioned above.
    Let us give the chance to showcase his goodwill to Nigerians.

  2. Yes, Atiku Abubakar's style of politics is more detailed on issues borthering our dear country than him just scoring cheap political points like most policians. Nigeria needs a leader with his wealth of experience and his kind interest to serve.