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My love for my culture didn’t just start now, it has been in me for years. My rich Yoruba culture gives me a good sense of belonging, reminds me of how great we were, how civilized we were, how morally upright we were and how we practiced a well-balanced system of government we now call democracy, before colonization. My culture definitely gives me that pride I searched whole heartedly in Nigeria but all I found from my searches are: the culture of corruption, the culture of tribalism, the culture of religious conflict, the culture of two cultures – the rich and poor, the culture of poverty, the culture of injustice, the culture of negligence, the culture of indigenous culture degradation, the culture of embezzlement and so on.

One’s culture exaltation is not synonymous to aversion toward other cultures. It’s also not synonymous to secession nor is it synonymous to tribalism as some would have been thinking. It’s a way of appreciating what we’ve got. Our culture reminds us of who we were, who we are and where we need to be. It’s a path to rediscovery.

If we really want the survival of this country and her people, we need to let our cultures thrive, we need to exude our cultures, we need to teach our children our languages, but the suppression of indigenous cultures in Nigeria will be the beginning of disintegration of Nigeria and we shall one day say, “There was a country called Nigeria”.

I love the diversity in this country. If only we could appreciate the beauty of what we’ve got, Nigeria would be great. It’s no more a news that our present system of government is not working. We need a new a system. A well-structured system.

Proper restructuring of the system is what we need right now. The centre is inundated with so much responsibilities that no matter how good your intention is for Nigeria, you can barely achieve more than your predecessors.

Nigeria needs to be restructured!
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Naija Newspapers

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