Panic in Ekiti as EFCC closes in on Fayose, governor says Buhari is scared of his declaration for 2019z

The Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) arrested the finance commissioner as well as the accountant-general in Ekiti state while Governor Ayodele Fayose was declaring his presidential ambition for 2019, it has been revealed. Information about their arrest broke hours after the governor declared his ambition to take over from President Muhammadu Buhari in the 2019 general election on Thursday, September 28. The commissioner is Chief Toyin Ojo, while the accountant-general is Yemisi Owolabi. 

Premium Times reports that a top official confirmed the arrest of the two officers of the government. “They were picked up today following their refusal to honour previous invitations for interrogation in relation to pending investigation on the misuse of bail out funds by the Ayodele Fayose administration,” an unnamed EFCC spokesperson also said. In a statement made available to, however, Governor Fayose, through his spokesperson, Lere Olayinka, described the action of the EFCC as irresponsible. 

“The EFCC is obviously living up to its status as the attack-dog of the All Progressives Congress government, but Ekiti State government under Governor Ayodele Fayose cannot be intimidated.” “It is obvious that the hawks around President Muhammadu Buhari are afraid of Governor Ayodele Fayose’s declaration to contest the presidential election in 2019, hence the usual panicky measure of arresting government officials in Ekiti on the day of his declaration, with the view to embark on another round of media trial against the governor and his government. 

“It is funny that the EFCC, in the bid to carry out its usual hatchet job against Governor Fayose, failed to take into cognizance the subsisting court order, which forbids any official of the Ekiti state government from being arrested by the EFCC. Up till today, the court order has not been appealed and it subsists," he said. 

The statement continued: “What has the EFCC done to those involved in the grass-cutting scam and the $43 million Ikoyi scam? “It is so funny and laughable that these characters in the APC government can’t even disappoint for once by being unpredictable. “Like we have said before, the game plan of those who want power in Ekiti state by force as well as those who do not want anyone to speak against President Buhari, that they see as a god, is to stifle Ekiti state government and make it impossible for the government to carry out its responsibilities. 

“However, the EFCC and its collaborators should know that we have threaded this path before and we, in the government of Ekiti state won’t be intimidated by the irresponsibility of a federal government anti-corruption agency that has come to see itself as instrument of harassing, oppressing, intimidating and coercing perceived opposition figures. “On this one, let us tell these agents of the devil in the EFCC and those they are working for that as usual, they have taken on a wrong customer. “This is because the more they run after Governor Fayose, the more they hit their heads on the Rock of Ages and get themselves fatally injured.”
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