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Anambra election: See who wins, As Analysts reveal results of governorship aspirants debate

The recent political debate in Anambra by the governorship candidates had created a huge buzz. Political analysts in the state have released the results of the recent debate. The governorship debate was organised on November 12, by two civil society groups: Enough is Enough Nigeria and the National Democratic Institute. It was moderated by Channels Television’s Seun Okinbaloye. 

The contestants were the incumbent governor and candidate for the All Progressives Grand Alliance (APGA), Willie Obiano, Godwin Ezeemo of the Peoples Progressive Alliance, former aviation minister Osita Chidoka of the United Peoples Party, federal lawmaker and All Progressives Congress candidate Tony Nwoye and Peoples Democratic Party candidate, Oseloka Obaze. 

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The analysts released the following statement on the Anambra Broadcasting Service Facebook page: "In the opening segment, the candidates spoke about the distinctive elements of their platforms. Obaze, in between proving his local bona fide by handily pointing out that he had lived in Anambra for years. 

"He declared that his administration will end multiple taxation, make education 26 percent of the state’s annual budget and champion human development anchored on education, welfare, social security, protecting life and property and guaranteeing the freedom of movement. "Nwoye promised to block leakages in government spending while frittering away a healthy chunk of his allotted 120 seconds blasting the incumbent of appointing over 700 advisers. 

"Ezeemo unveiled his intentions to ensure full employment in an environment where “70 percent of our graduates are unemployable” and drive growth in agribusiness while ensuring environmental sustainability. "Obiano said he would use a renewed mandate to make his state a first choice business environment and drive social mobility after touting his credentials on improving security, employee welfare and his ‘181 projects in 181 communities’ mantra. 

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"Chidoka outlined his four steps to mapping out a shared vision of public service and sustainability which would be attained by “applying knowledge, hard work and morality.” It was a lively opening to what would be an engaging discourse." Some of the analysts were of the opinion: 

"Obiano, in clear contrast to all the others, has the record of getting things done and it is unclear that the electorate have an appetite for changing a clearly humming, functioning engine of growth and good governance, a week to the ballot box. "All the other jousters went to significant pains tonight to tarnish his governing record, with limited success. 

"That the focus was less on their plans and more on Obiano’s star was the unspoken but loudly salient theme of arguably the most politically illuminating night in Nigeria’s democratic history, at least from an intellectual standpoint. "For coming out relatively unspoiled, dignified and armed with a message to the state that his good work can only be sustained by him, Obiano is the winner of debate night."

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