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Below are the headlines found on The Daily Sun Online Newspaper for today, Saturday, 13 January, 2018.

Sat, 13 Jan 2018
Barely 48 hours after the mass burial of 73 victims of the recent herdsmen attacks in Benue, the National Vice President of Miyetti Allah Cattle Herders Association, Husaini Yusuf Bosso, has warned that more blood will be shed in the state if the anti-grazing law introduced by Governor Samuel Ortom is not completely scrapped.

According to him, the herders have been sorting out their issues with farmers in the state before the Ortom government enacted the anti-grazing law without consulting stakeholders.

“We, the association wrote a letter to him, even met him. We told him that this law cannot work. We told them that there is an international cattle route from Niger to Eastern Nigeria. He said he will not allow cattle to pass through Benue state even if it is the cattle route. We told him that if he wants to implement that law, he must provide a land for us to rent. He did not provide any land for cattle herders.  They have been in that state even before colonial days and co-existing peacefully. We advised him and he refused to listen to us. We are not against that law but he has to provide a land for these people before implementing such a law. If there is no land, there is a problem.”

He accused the land guards hired by the state government of terrorizing the herdsmen in the name of implementing the law. “The land guards that he introduced who we all know as the civilian Joint Task Force, they are inflicting pain on the Fulani herdsmen. They attack and seize their animals. They drag them to the nearest police station where huge amount of money is collected before they are granted bail. This is the cause of this problem. If you attack a cattle herder and collect his cattle, he has no choice but to attack.

“The law is saying that herdsmen should not pass through the state even if it’s a route to another area. In the past , if there was damage by the cattle , we had ways to settle the matter.  When you damage a farm, you have to beg the owner , if they refuse, you pay for the damages. This has worked for us for years till Benue State decided to implement the anti-grazing law. We have challenged the law in court and till court decides which way forward, Governor Ortom will be held responsible for any further bloodshed. ”

He further alleged that the group as a major stakeholder was not consulted when the law was being debated. “The Nigerian constitution says that everyone has the freedom to do business anywhere in Nigeria. Before you make a law, the state assembly is supposed to organize a public hearing. They did not invite anyone of us. The major stakeholders were not there. They just heard from one side. There should be a public hearing.

“After signing the law, he invited the Miyetti Allah group and we told him not to implement the law. We told him to provide the land for these people and he refused. They started attacking them, collecting their animals, collecting money from them and that led to the crisis.

“The Tiv people who are crying foul, has anyone checked how many Fulani they have killed? We don’t know who is responsible for the recent killing and that should be left for the security agencies to fish out the culprits. Luckily earlier in the week some civilian JTF were arrested with sophisticated guns. We are ready to tell our own side of the story so that the world will hear us.

“The Fulani, their animals are dying. Before any reprisal attack, they must have killed so many Fulani and their cows. We drew the attention of the government to those killings and no step was taken to punish those that were involved.”

On the way forward, Bosso called on the federal government to intervene. “We should ban the law. Benue state government has no land that they can give out. The Tivs are not ready to give out their lands. Most of the people now travel out of the state to farm. If they are serious to implement that law, let them provide land for these people first. If not, it will not work.” 
Sat, 13 Jan 2018
Actress, model, moviemaker and entrepreneur aptly describe curvy Juliet Ibrahim. Eighteen years after she came into the limelight in Crime To Christ, the thespian has carved a place for herself as one of the most popular faces both in Nollywood and Ghallywood.

The mother of one, who found love again in the arms of rapper, Iceberg Slim after divorcing her ex a couple of years ago, here opens up on career and romance. Enjoy it.

How did you come into acting?

I started acting at a very young age. I performed at talent shows in school and in church. I was also singing at those talent shows and in the choir. I spent my entire childhood dreaming of becoming a superstar. Luckily, in 2004 I won a beauty pageant and I got a call for an audition. I went there and I got the lead role for my first movie, Crime to Christ. That is how it all started for me and the rest they say is history. It has been wonderful and I thank God everyday for allowing me to live my dream. I have been able to use my career to impact many lives and create other avenues for my brand and myself. Apart from acting, I am a professional compere. I am also into music and I run a production company, Jewelz Productions where we produce and direct films, musical videos and TV series, just you name it. I am equally an entrepreneur and I have my own line of beauty products, Moda Lipstick Line & Shades by Juliet Ibrahim Eyelashes. I also founded the Juliet Ibrahim Foundation.

What new project is Juliet Ibrahim working on?

I do a whole lot more than people think or know. I do act; produce, direct and I also run a production company. I am a master of ceremony and business owner. I am a humanitarian and I run an NGO focused on creating awareness on kidney -related diseases, malaria, Ebola, HIV, kidney, cancer, hepatitis C and other deadly diseases. So, there is a lot to always expect from me. However, I will be dropping more music this year. Talking about movies, I will be on the screen more often, hosting your favourite events and also dropping a reality TV show.

What are your challenges combining all of these?

Honestly, I am a superwoman (laughter). Sometimes I ask myself, how I do it all. But at the end of the day, it is by the grace of God; He is the one that keeps me going. I am able to juggle everything perfectly.

What inspired your TV series, Every Woman Has A Story?

Every Woman Has A Story was my directorial debut. It follows the lives of five women who have been through pains and struggles that have left them marred in a way. But through it all, they have gained the power to share the joy, the happiness, the heartbreak, the pain, the disappointment and the love in their individual stories. They live every single day with the hope of having a man strong with love, deep with care and high on passion. The series features several first time actors handed the opportunity to showcase their talents as well as up and coming acts whose prowess would be highlighted. The first season of Every Woman Has A Story was shot in Accra, Cape Coast and South Africa, while season two will be shot in Nigeria and Ghana. The series is currently showing on ONTV Nigeria every Monday and Wednesday at 7pm.

Could you tell us about your most challenging role ever?

As an actor, every role is unique and different. I challenge myself daily to become better than my last movie role.

You and your lover, Iceberg Slim clinched an endorsement deal with international perfume brand, Oros. Could you shed more light on this?

We were announced brand influencers of Oros perfumes in Nigeria last year. The fragrance is described as elegant, provocative and free spirited, a scent full of passion and emotion. The bottle is elegantly designed and hand decorated with Swarovski elements. An additional silver arc symbolizes brawn, brains and bravery. Oros is definitely a must have among ones’ collection of perfumes. It is also a perfect gift item to purchase for a loved one, and I believe the best duo to interpret the message Oros is putting out to its potential customers is the Iceberg Slim and Juliet Ibrahim brands.

How did you guys hook up and how did Iceberg Slim woo you. Was it love at first sight? Who made the first move?

We met in South Africa. We became friends while out there and he made the first move by starting a friendship. Our initial conversation kicked off on our similar tastes in music. However, after I left South Africa, we didn’t cross paths again until some months later. We built a friendship and every other thing fell into place at the appropriate time.
Sat, 13 Jan 2018
Don Waney’s name evokes the same fear that the mention of the names of Oyenusi, Anini, Osisikankwu, and lately, Evans, used to elicit in the minds of people. While he lived, he was the lord of the manor who dared to walk where angels feared to tread.

It is not every time that you see or hear of bullet-riddled bodies of a big-time criminal being displayed like a trophy, for the viewing of members of the public. But Waney’s own and two of his crime partners had to be displayed recently by men and officers of the 6 Division of the Nigerian Army, Port Harcourt, ostensibly in a bid to reassure the public that there is no more cause for alarm over the trajectory their criminal activities had assumed.

Long before the 34-year-old kidnap kingpin from Ogba/Egbema /Ndoni Local Government Area, ONELGA of Rivers State, became something of an unmitigated menace to the society, he used to be known as Ejima (Twin) Igwedibia (a name which translates as “Strong Native Doctor”).

Dimension/trajectory of his criminal activities

Waney, a member of a Niger Delta militant group in the Orashi region of the state, used to be a hitman of Chiboy (one-time leader of Orashi Marine) in Ahoada East Local Government Area. Sources said he became very powerful after masterminding the murder of the Orashi region militant leader, Chiboy, in a fiendish powerplay.

At 26 years, he later took over the entire structure of the militant group and began to run its affairs from his Aligu village. With time, he became very popular and extremely powerful. He demanded and got the loyalty of almost everyone: traditional rulers, religious leaders, youth groups, politicians and multinational oil companies.

Accusing fingers pointed at him as the mastermind of the killings, kidnappings and beheadings that went on daily in the Orashi region, a that worsened during the 2015 general elections. When in 2016 he reportedly accepted an offer of amnesty from the state government, Don Waney had debunked all the allegations of killing, kidnapping, pipeline vandalism, cultism and oil-bunkering carried out on the area levelled against him. He had in turn accused multinational oil firms operating in ONELGA of being behind the security challenges experienced by the public. He also accused politicians of causing stunted development in the council. And he pledged to work with the government if it (government) would be sincere.

He (together with his gang) was among the militants and cultists that accepted the state government amnesty. Shortly after doing so, he was conferred with a chieftaincy title. And, indeed, for some months, he seemed to have truly sheathed his sword of killings and sundry atrocities. For instance, when in 2017 his mother was abducted and later freed after some days, he vowed that no amount of temptation by his opponents would make him return to his old ways.

Bio-data of the crime kingpin

The man whose real name is Prince Ejima Igwedibia was born in 1983 the first child of the family of Igwedibia in Aligu Community of Omoku, headquarters of Ogba /Egbema /Ndoni Local Government Area (ONELGA). One of his siblings, a younger brother, is also a member of his gang, a deadly fellow who goes by the name “Obataosu” (literarily translated as “one who causes trouble the moment he walks into a gathering or scene”).

Waney, once a student of Community Secondary School, Obigwe in ONELGA, dropped out in Class 3. Thereafter, he followed the path and to mix up with bad gangs.

Sources of mystical power

Saturday Sun learnt of the strained relationship between Don Waney and his father. It was common knowledge in the community that the reason for the discord was his father’s refusal to support his nefarious activities.

In contrast, the same cannot be said of his mother, who, as the rumour goes, introduced him to witchcraft and approved of his criminal venture, her support so absolute she not only lived with him in his mansion but also took charge of the gang’s shopping. Multiple sources claimed she used to buy foodstuffs and needful items for the gang and always went about accompanied by heavily armed men. She lived with him until the military raid on the camp on Tuesday, November 17, 2017. 

Sources claimed the ‘prince’ attached to his name did not mean he was from a royal family. Rather, the appellate came from his notoriety as a gang leader.

Involvement with bad groups, and operations

After abandoning school and education, Don Waney started his crime career with domestic stealing. 

Thereafter, he joined cult groups and quickly rose through the ranks courtesy of his viciousness. He graduated from cultism to kidnapping and later became the leader of a gang of kidnappers, the notorious Iceland cult. At a point, politicians became interested in him and he was hired, from time to time for dirty jobs, by the highest bidder.
Sat, 13 Jan 2018

Series of socio-economic challenges facing the country including problems of insecurity and other social vices have been traced to lack of visionary leaders in the country.

Making this submission in an interview with TUNDE THOMAS, Colonel Tony Nyiam (retd) lamented that Nigeria has not been blessed with visionary leaders either in the years past or at present.

“Except for late Chief Obafemi Awolowo, and to some extent, Sir Ahmadu Bello, Nigeria since independence has not been blessed with visionary leaders, and this is why Nigeria has not made much progress in her 57 years of nationhood. Sadly, some of the people who emerged as leaders are not only parochial, they are weak, ineffectual and lack focus,” the former military chief involved in the Gideon Orkar’s attempted take over of power in 1989 declared.

Nyiam also spoke on other national issues including the Fulani herdsmen attack in Benue State, which led to loss of several lives, the controversial 1 billion dollars deduction by the Federal Government from the Excess Crude Account to fight Boko Haram, President Buhari’s leadership style and restructuring of the polity. Excerpts:

Some Nigerians have expressed concern about the recent killings in Rivers and Benue states, especially that of Benue where suspected Fulani herdsmen were on rampage attacking and killing innocent villagers. Do you see this as a good way for the nation, pining under so many challenges to start the New Year?

To me, what is responsible for all these crises all over the country can be traced to lack of visionary leadership. Except for late Chief Obafemi Awolowo, and to some extent Sir Ahmadu Bello, Nigeria has not had visionary leaders, and our government is not hinged on vision, it is like having or taking action without reasoning. Reasoning controls actions. Nigerian leaders both past and present who are still alive should seek forgiveness from God for bringing the nation to this sorry state. Again in the case of Nigeria, we also need to seek spiritual rejuvenation because these things happening to us or taking place are not ordinary, they are not physical. To get things right in Nigeria, we have to restore the principles of justice, fairness, truth, equity, liberty, compassion and also our leaders should see to the general well being of citizens so that the objective of governance can achieve the desired goal. The objective of governance in Nigeria should reflect the thinking of the popular French philosopher which says greatest happiness to greatest number of people. Today, can we say that greatest number of Nigerians are happy? Obviously no, and this is why there is a need for our leaders to be visionary. Governance should be about greatest happiness to a greater number of citizens. Once a government or leaders lacks vision, anything such government or leader does will not work.

The New Year speech by President Buhari was a disappointment. First, his speechwriters were insensitive to the yearnings of majority of Nigerians. His speechwriters were also arrogant to mislead the President to think that he can lecture Nigerians on what they want by saying that the problems with Nigeria are processes and not structures. That statement lacked intellectual depth in the sense that Buhari’s speech writers should have told him that processes are pre-determined by the system in which processes work.

Processes or actions doesn’t operate in isolation, they are always context- bound. It is the structures that determine the processes, and effectiveness of processes, but processes do not exist on their own, they are always determined by the system in which the processes are being conducted. To that extent, Buhari’s speechwriters didn’t do Buhari a good job.

Secondly, Buhari needs to do what General Ibrahim Babangida used to do when we used to work with him. When you write a speech for Gen. Babangida, he would now engage the speechwriters in a discussion in order for him to have a good knowledge of the speech he wanted to read. It is wrong for Buhari to just take any speech they gave him to read without he, himself, having knowledge of what he was reading or about to read. I also believe that it was wrong for Buhari to say that it is ethnicity that is dividing us. But I believe that is wrong, rather our diverse ethnicity should have been an advantage to make Nigeria a very strong nation.

Sat, 13 Jan 2018
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Sat, 13 Jan 2018
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Sat, 13 Jan 2018
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Sat, 13 Jan 2018
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Sat, 13 Jan 2018
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Sat, 13 Jan 2018
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Sat, 13 Jan 2018
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Sat, 13 Jan 2018
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Sat, 13 Jan 2018
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Sat, 13 Jan 2018
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Sat, 13 Jan 2018
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Sat, 13 Jan 2018
Accused collapses in court The trial of suspected ritualist, Ifeanyi Dike, commenced on Friday at 

Sat, 13 Jan 2018
It is a known fact that the self-worth of some men is partially hinged on their ability to give their 

Sat, 13 Jan 2018
The rate at which marriages are crashing these days is a cause for concern. It is heartbreaking to see 

Sat, 13 Jan 2018
People of God, pr-a-i-s-e the God! Hallelujah! Brethren, I have a testimony. First, I thank God that 

Sat, 13 Jan 2018
In 2016, it happened in Ukpabi Nimbo, Uzo Uwani LGA of Enugu State where the Fulani herdsmen with hired 

Sat, 13 Jan 2018
December 30, 2017, was the day for the surprise Birthday Party. Not taking chances, and ensuring that 

Sat, 13 Jan 2018
The subject of negotiation is one that continually interests business owners and managers. This is because 

Sat, 13 Jan 2018
This is a new year and no woman should be caught wasting her youth with a man who doesn't see her in 

Sat, 13 Jan 2018
He would have joined the flock of journalists from all over the world coming this year for the World 

Sat, 13 Jan 2018
Mr. Oluwaseyi Abiodun Makinde, politician, engineer, founder and President of MAKON Engineering Ltd, 

Sat, 13 Jan 2018
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Sat, 13 Jan 2018
The plan by the Federal Government to build eight vehicle transit parks (VTPs) across the country is 

Sat, 13 Jan 2018
It is not easy being the parent of a teenage girl. It's like you and your child are constantly at loggerheads 

Sat, 13 Jan 2018
Issau Babatunde Tijani, Managing Director, Samfark Integrated Services Limited, is not an overnight entrepreneur. 

Sat, 13 Jan 2018
Never-ending savage tales by returnees From PAUL OSUYI, Asaba Their blue tee shirts hardly fit their 

Sat, 13 Jan 2018
It is a general belief that money answereth all things. But in some instances, the quid meets brickwall 

Sat, 13 Jan 2018
Pathetic world of girl, 16, robbed of father at birth by herdsmen, abandoned by mother at age 3 ' Faces 

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Sat, 13 Jan 2018
I'm yet to recover from the shock, says NAN correspondent punched in the eye by a presidential guard 

Sat, 13 Jan 2018
The coastlines of the ever -busy metropolitan city of Lagos will throb again today Saturday, January 

Sat, 13 Jan 2018
Mention the name Buruji Kashamu, a lot of thoughts move through one's head one after another, sometimes 

Sat, 13 Jan 2018
By Tony Ogaga Actress, model, moviemaker and entrepreneur aptly describe curvy Juliet Ibrahim. Eighteen