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Newspaper is almost the first thing that greets you in the morning.
If one knows how to read and write, then one should definitely read at least one newspaper everyday.

  • Newspaper reading is a good habit. People who frequently read newspapers are more likely to be reading other things in their life than non readers. Reading is good for you, I bet!
  • It helps you move outside the narrow zone of your personal affairs. It helps you keep you adjust yourself according to the changing times and move with changing times easily.
  • It keeps you updated and can provide a great sense of educational value. Not only it gives you information about economy, polity, trade, business, world affairs, international issues, sports, entertainment, but it also enhances your vocabulary and English language skills. (Same applies for other language newspapers)
  • You are not only updated with current events of your own nation but also that of the world.
  • It widens the scope of your knowledge and thus widens your outlook.
  • It helps you become well informed. Thus, enabling you to take part in any sort of discussion and debates. Ultimately, helps in your personality development.
  • They help you become part of a well evolved society.
  • You can relate to other people's views, understand their perspective.
  • Most importantly, in today's world, where Democracy is considered to be the ideal form of government, it is in the interest of each and every individual of the nation and the world ( I say world, because world is becoming a global village in this 21st century) to be aware of their own governments' plans, programs and policies. How will these plans, programs and policies affect them?( After all, democracy is rule by the people, of the people and for the people. ) It is for their own benefit.
  • People who read newspapers regularly are more likely to be active voters (good for democracy) 
  • Good for students. Students who use the newspaper in school read more sections of the newspaper and show significantly greater interest in local government, neighborhood events, current issues and foreign affairs.

I would like to quote a research.
Research by Dr. Dan Sullivan of the University of Minnesota examined programs in 22 cities across the country. The study compared test scores of students who had used the newspaper in class with those who had not. In all 22 cases, those student who used the newspaper scored better on standardized reading test than did those who did not. Minority students and those who were not native English speakers showed the greatest achievement. (2002, NAA Foundation.)

  • Newspapers help form you develop your opinion.
  • They sharpen thinking skills in you.

The Indian freedom struggle in itself is a great example how reading newspapers enlightened and educated the masses of their own civil, political and economic rights. These masses comprised mostly of people who weren't able to read and write. 
So even if one person in the village or community knew how to read, people would encircle him to get their daily dose of the news. Thus, they got to know about the issues.  Thus, the Indian freedom struggle became a mass struggle. Freedom of Press is a Fundamental Right in the Indian Constitution, thanks to the habit of newspaper reading (or hearing) by these masses.
I have seen many people who are stalwarts in their own respective fields suggesting that one should not read or listen to news. It is a waste of time. The reason being that they bring pessimism around you. The news of bombings, killings, rape, murder etc. don't let you sleep well and suck the positive energy in your life. True. I too feel sad reading about these news items. But avoiding them is not the solution, neither for your problem nor for the problems of the world around you.
But according to me turning your head away from reality of the world is not a wise act. Though awareness can remove the darkness in the society.
You have to choose high standards of journalism to avoid becoming part of sensational journalism. I vouch for critical and independent readership. Derive wisdom from newspapers without getting involved in the sensationalism which they try to sell to increase their readerships.

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