Makarfi finally reveals why Jonathan lost 2015 presidential election

The chairman of PDP national caretaker committee, Senator Ahmed Makarfi has revealed why former President Goodluck Jonathan and the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) lost the presidential election in 2015. 

Channels reports that Makarfi stated what led to his party’s defeat while explaining what the PDP is doing to reclaim power from the All Progressives Congress (APC). “There was a lot of propaganda against the PDP and we were not effective enough in countering that propaganda.

“Also, we made mistakes, we were not communicating very well with the citizens; language was not one that could have been effective at that material time", he said when he appeared on Channels Television’s Sunday politics. 

Senator Makarfi said the PDP ought to have chosen its presidential candidate from the north, noting that the people of the region were displeased that they did not get the ticket. He added that in spite of that, “the language that was used in campaigning and talking from that time going forward was not one that could have made tempers to go down.” The PDP caretaker committee chairman also accused the then opposition party of coming up with negative reports against his party. This, according to him, led to the PDP’s defeat during the elections as the majority of the electorates in the North lost trust in the party and refused to vote for its candidate. 

He said: “The major reason was the feeling and again, a lot of propaganda built into it and that insecurity was so much, especially related to Boko Haram. “And a lot of negative complaints were made against the PDP and that resonated with a large part of voters in the North and we paid the price of losing that election.”

 Makarfi, however, said Nigerians now know better that elections would not have taken place in the region, specifically in the northeast if the PDP had not done reasonably well in tackling the Boko Haram insurgency. He said his party has worked on its mistakes and was also working on reconciling aggrieved party members after the leadership tussle in the party which lasted for more than one year. 

The PDP chieftain, who highlighted what he described as mistakes of the APC, said, ”We are more than ready and if we are to go to polls today, we are confident that PDP will return elected.” 

 “We acknowledge our shortcomings but we can see from the performance of the APC – look at the level of appreciation of the naira, look at unemployment, look at all sort crime. “Under PDP, you couldn’t have that because we are a national party and a party that believes in fairness, justice and equity, and a party that gives equal opportunity to Nigerians no matter where you come from,” he added. 
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