Breaking: EFCC comes for Governor Fayose over comment involving Falana

The EFCC said Fayose’s claim that Falana was one of many highly placed Nigerians who, allegedly, were compensated by the EFCC and Ibrahim Magu with properties retrieved from corrupt government officials, was meant to impugn the integrity of the agency and its chairman.

 “This is most irresponsible allegation, coming from a governor of a state. “Will Fayose, in good conscience, be able to name the “’Nigerians’ that the EFCC and Magu supposedly ‘dashed seized properties to curry their favours’? 

“The EFCC does not need to ingratiate discerning Nigerians to win their support. The commission’s record and the uncommon commitment of Magu to the fight against corruption is the reason why patriots like Falana would openly identify with the commission.

 “Magu and the EFCC did not give out any property, being suspected proceeds of crime, to anybody. “The commission never received any property from Abdulrasheed Maina and could not be compensating people with what does not exist.

 “If Fayose has evidence to the contrary, he is at liberty to call another world press conference to expose all the prominent Nigerians. “Otherwise, he should face the task of governing Ekiti and the challenge of accounting for his stewardship as his tenure hits the homestretch,” the statement said. 
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