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Sun, 28 Jan 2018
Varied reactions have continued to trail the open letter written by former president Olusegun Obasanjo to President Muhammadu Buhari over the dismal performance of the All Progressives Congress (APC)-led administration. While some have applauded the courage and statesmanship displayed by Obasanjo in making a clarion call for a change of leadership, others have accused him of merely playing to the gallery. 

Despite the divergence of the opinions, however, the great majority of stakeholders who spoke with Sunday Sun agreed with the view that there is a need for collective action to save the country from the precipice. For such action to take place, they unanimously maintained that any emerging leader must possess the right qualities to lead the Coalition Movement that would metamorphose into a political party and ultimately take over power from Buhari in 2019.  Eminent Nigerians who spoke on the matter have these to say:

Next President must believe in restructuring –Sen Femi Okurounmu

The fact that Obasanjo suggested the formation of a coalition movement does not mean that we are people of like minds. But I give him the benefit of the doubt that we have the same thing in mind. He vividly captured the mood of the nation, the hopelessness of the situation.

However, there is no need for a predetermined leader or predetermined presidential candidate. When you have a movement, circumstance will decide how people will emerge into leadership position. What rallies people in a movement is the ideology and objectives of the movement. The movement will of its own generate its own leadership. So, when the movement gathers momentum, a leader will emerge.

Anyhow the leadership emerges, the person who is going to lead the country must first of all believe in restructuring. He must believe in the equality of all ethnic groups. There is no slave-master race.  Each region must to a large extent be autonomous to chart its own way forward. The person must be a selfless leader, who is not thinking of himself alone or his own personal benefits. He must be a humble person. We don’t need megalomaniac; we need a humble person, who is driven by commitment to serve Nigeria, who would put Nigeria on the world map. We need a visionary leader who will lead Nigeria to play its role in Africa. It is quite a long time we have been disappointing the rest of the black race. Now is the time for us to play our role in the world. We need a leader who is aware of that obligation and is committed to provide the right leadership.    

A pan Nigerian President is the answer

–Dr Fredrick Faseun, OPC leader

There are many people around who can lead the country to our desired destination. But my own personal view is that a young person should now lead Nigeria. If such a coalition will allow the youths, certain things must be defined. One, ethnicity should not be a consideration, where you come from should not be a consideration. Your consideration must be your oath to keep Nigeria together as a united country. Two, fairness and justice must be the hallmark of such an individual. Even before being voted for, the person must take an oath before all Nigerians that he will be a true Nigerian leader and that his leadership will not be based on ethnic consideration. He must be a pan Nigerian individual.   

We need a Mandela to save Nigeria now

–Yinka Odumakin

I don’t think former President Obasanjo is talking of one man now. We should be talking of assembly of men and women of goodwill across the board, men who will stand like one man to give the leadership option that we need. When Emmanuel Macron, the French President, was giving his acceptance speech, the first set of people he thanked was those who voted to save the Republic. We need to save this Republic now. And we need such men of good standing, character, moral courage and integrity to save this country from disintegration. The stage we are now is not just electoral politics but liberation politics. And we need men of great courage like Mandela to lead the mass movement and get Nigeria out of the woods. It is a battle without gun, but we have to stand up and retrieve the soul of this country from the forces of backwardness. We need a broadminded Nigerian, a leader who does not see Nigeria from ethnic prism, a leader that will truly belong to all, a leader that will not have sacred cow, a leader that will rise above ethnicity and religious divides, a leader who will see Nigeria as his constituency, a leader who has sympathy for the poor, a leader who hates corruption with a passion, a leader who believes in productivity. That is the leader we need at this moment.

North should give us a younger and more cerebral President –Sen Adeseye Ogunlewe

I watched Paul Unongo on television responding to the question of whether the North has somebody in mind who can occupy the exalted position of President of Nigeria and he said: ‘they have over one thousand that are qualified and eminent enough to occupy that position.’ So, it is up to the North. It is their turn to present a candidate that is noteworthy, that is young, vibrant, well educated and articulate to lead the country. That is all. It is up to them. It is for all the Emirs and the leaders in the North to sit down and give Nigerians another person who is younger, more educated, vibrant, and cerebral that can lead this country out of the woods. When you see President Muhammadu Buhari on television, you will notice that he is trying to recuperate. In fact, you will know that this is not the Buhari we used to know. Everybody in Nigeria have a lot of respect for him. The man is the best for any country. But with the present circumstance of his health, he is just not available for Nigeria now. We need somebody that is younger and cerebral. Unongo has said the North has over one thousand of such individual. And I know they have very brilliant people. They should give us one of them. It is their turn; they should sit down and give us somebody.

We need a departure from the old order –Prof Remi Sonaiya

Nigeria needs a clear departure from what we have known so far. And that will include former President Olusegun Obasanjo himself. Nigerians are now recognizing that they cannot continue to elect the people with a proven lack of interest in the common good and expect that the country would move forward. What we have seen so far with both of these two frontline parties, including those in the National Assembly, is about personal interest or interest of some particular groups. People need to use the power they have to ensure that they choose the right people. Personally, I do not wish to see anybody who has been in any position of government before. I don’t want to see them again. I don’t want to see anybody coming to play godfather for us. Let us as a people think and reflect on what will bring us good. Very soon campaigns are going to pick up and the moneybags are going to dominate the airwaves, newspaper pages, because they can pay with the state resources. They are the ones the public will keep hearing about again. Those of us who don’t have money to pay for advertorial won’t get known. I am ready to offer myself again for the position of president. But my party will not adopt a consensus candidate because that will not help our democracy.

Sun, 28 Jan 2018
Light-skinned and curvy actress, Wumi Toriola, is blunt to a fault. She is not the kind of person that would call a spade another name. She believes in saying it as it is. And, according to the theispian, that’s why some people couldn’t cope with her lifestyle.

The University of Ilorin Linguistic graduate, who has featured in more than 50 movies including ‘Alakada Reloaded’, ‘My Past’ and ‘Ayomipo’ amongst others, opened up on her journey to stardom, her relationship and fears. Enjoy it.


Can you tell us how you got into acting?

I got into acting through an audition in 2007. I saw an advertisement of a movie audition being coordinated by Funke Akindele. I was interested so I put in for it, and luckily for me, I was chosen amongst loads of people. The movie was ‘Isese Lagba’ produced by Tawa Ajisefini in 2007.

How challenging was it the first time you faced the camera?

Oh! It was challenging; I must be honest. The director then was Ojopagogo and I was made to act with popular faces, so I was a bit nervous. And because I have never been in front of the camera before, no acting skill was required but my talent.

So, you started acting officially in 2007?

No! After ‘Isese Lagba’ I stopped acting because I gained admission into the university in 2009. So, for me, acting started professionally in 2013 when I was doing my Youth Service.  

Would you say your look aided your speedy growth in the movie industry?

I am one of those who believe in using what you have to get what you want. But then I believe in ‎the content more than the container. The container is just the look; the content is what you can give. But sometimes it is a plus because there are some roles people would say ‘okay, Wumi can fit into this perfectly’. For me, most of the roles I have played had nothing to do with my look. I’ve played a schoolgirl and that didn’t have anything to do with my look. All they wanted to see was my ability to deliver my role perfectly.  

How do you cope with your male fans?

I have more female than male fans, and most are married women. I have few male fans and I cope with them well because I try as much as possible to draw the line.

You have a nice figure, is that your selling point?

My figure is not my selling point, my passion is. The drive I have in me makes me stand out. 

Can you ever act nude?

No! I can never act nude. One of the reasons I studied languages is that it teaches moral and you know our society is against indecency.

Now that you have done your introduction, when is your wedding coming up?

My wedding is coming up soon. What remains is just the party aspect. Already, I am officially married because I have done the registry aspect of the wedding. I chose not to make noise about it.

Up till now, nobody knows your husband. Who is he?

I want my husband to enjoy his privacy and freedom. He doesn’t want publicity. Honestly, sometimes I want to flaunt my prince charming for the world to see, but he just doesn’t want it, and so I don’t want to push him.

Could marriage stop you from acting?

Marriage can’t stop me from acting. The passion I have for acting contributed to my choice of husband. He is someone that cherishes my job so much. But if I would be going on any break, maybe for child bearing, it’s surely going to be with full force. So, marriage is not going to affect my acting by the grace of God.

Is your husband in the industry too?

No comment.

How did you meet your husband?

Let me also keep that away from the public.  

Aside acting, what else do you do?

Aside acting, I do make up; I have a beauty store. I do events as well. Recently, I launched my clothing line.

Where are your weak and strong points?

I am someone who is very, very emotional; I just try to keep it away from people so they don’t use it against me. And for my strength, I would say sincerity. I am known for being blunt and real, which many people have problems coping with, because there are so many fake people in the industry. So, when they see someone who is real, they will have problems with him or her. But I don’t care as far as I’m comfortable with the kind of life I live.

Can you trust your friends being around your husband?

As an African lady, and with the several warnings from my grandma, I would say no. But sincerely I am blessed with wonderful friends. However, I will hold firmly to the elderly advice. 

Sun, 28 Jan 2018
Three persons were reportedly killed and several others injured on Friday night by suspected Fulani herdsmen who attacked Hukke village, in Maingo District of Bassa Local Government Area of Plateau State.

No fewer than 10 houses were also said to have been burnt down with foodstuffs and valuable items worth millions of naira. According to an eyewitness, the attackers invaded the village in the night when the villagers were asleep and killed a 70-year-old village head, Gado Kondo, Daniel Even, 50, and 100-year-old Amadu Hwwie who was axed to death.

In her own account, Esther Even, whose husband was killed together with her father-in-law, said the village was attacked on Thursday night, leaving eight persons dead. She lamented: “We are tired of what is happening in our communities. People are being killed on daily bases, while we live in fear. Seven people were killed on Thursday, eight on Wednesday and today, my husband, and father-in-law are all gone.” “Our houses are burnt with foodstuff. we don’t know what to do now. I don’t know whether we still have a government in this country, as people are being killed with no action on the part of government.”

Police Public Relations Officer, ASP Tyopev Matthias Terna, who confirmed the incident, said three aged persons were gunned down and axed to death.

His words: “On January 26, 2018 about 1830hr while our men were on patrol around Rafi-Bauna, Jebu-Miango areas, they received information that a gang of armed men suspected to be Fulani herdsmen were seen killing people and burning houses at Huke Village in Miango Chiefdom, Bassa Local Government Area of Plateau State.”

“On receipt of this information, they immediately mobilised to the area. While getting close to the village, the suspected herdsmen on sighting our patrol vehicles took to their heels. As a result of the attack, some people were shot and killed.”

“Ten (10) houses were also set ablaze by the same attackers.  The suspected herdsmen have adopted Guerrilla tactics of hit and run and as such, the Commissioner of Police, Plateau State Command, Jos Undie Adie, has deployed more police personnel to the area for effective coverage and robust patrol to curtail the incidents of these attacks.”

“He has also deployed the State investigation Bureau (SIB) Operatives to intelligently sniff for information to end the attacks and bring perpetrators to book. Investigation is in progress and members of the public are enjoined to avail the Police with useful information to unravel the remote and immediate causes of these attacks for a permanent solution.”

Governor Simon Lalong expressed grief over the fresh skirmishes that have claimed lives of innocent citizens. In a statement signed by Special Adviser on Media and Publicity, Hon. Dan Manjang, Lalong urged the security to urgently arrest the spate of insecurity in Bokkos and Bassa Local Government Areas of the state.

“The Executive Governor of Plateau State, Hon. Simon Lalong is saddened with the spate of insecurity in Bokkos and Bassa Local Government Areas that has culminated in the loss of lives and properties recently. This to say the least is unfortunate and highly condemnable,” the statement read.

Falae’s farm: Akure indigenes threaten reprisal
Bamigbola Gbolagunte, Akure

Indigenes of Akure, the Ondo State capital, have resolved to engage in reprisal attack against herdsmen in the state should the farm of former secretary to the government of the federation, Chief Olu Falae, be attacked again.

They, therefore, warned the herdsmen to desist from attacking Falae’s farm and other farms in the town in order not to cause inter-tribal crisis.

Falae, a traditional chief in Akure, had on five occasions suffered attacks in the hands of suspected herdsmen.

The Akure indigenes further called on the security agencies in the state to protect the residents of the town from attack of the cattle herders for the people not to be forced to resort to self-help.

The Asiwaju of Akure and former Ambassador to Australia, Prof. Olu Agbi, who spoke with reporters after a meeting of Akure indigenes held at the palace of the Deji of Akure, lamented the rate of attack on farms in the state, stressing the need for the Federal Government to be more proactive in the activities of the cattle herdsmen before it degenerates to a full-blown ethnic crisis.

His words: “Since his (Falae) release and the conviction of the suspects, the farm of the senior citizen has been a subject of attack by herdsmen. Apart from killing people in his farm, neighbouring farms have been subjects of attack by these gun wielding herdsmen.”

“The recent burning of Chief Olu Falae’s plantation by these same elements call for worry. We call on the security agencies to protect the life and property of Chief Falae.”

“We are making this appeal not only because he is an Akure chief but to prevent tribal war as the Olu of Ilu Abo’s stature transcends Akure and Yorubaland.”

“We warn the herdsmen not to create an opportunity for a civil war because any further attack on Chief Olu Falae or his farm would be deemed as casus-belly,” he added.

He also kicked against the cattle colony proposed by the Federal Government, declaring that there is no land in Akure for such colony.

“The word, colony has political connotation not economic. A colony is a political entity which someone said he wants to create in the territory of another. That is a provocation; that is a terrible thing for anybody to contemplate. I can tell you that Akure does not have land to be colonized,” Agbi declared.

“Akure kingdom welcomes genuine farmers and agriculture entrepreneur who want to invest in any form of farming including animal husbandry. But we do not have land for colony. We did not find our father as slaves. And we have the capacity to defend our land against Fulani herdsmen invasion,” he added.

Sun, 28 Jan 2018
With barely 365 days to Nigeria’s sixth General Elections in the Fourth Republic, the countdown has already begun. The elections umpire- the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) had a fortnight ago, set the ball rolling with the release of the Timetable and Schedule of activities for the 2019 General Election. And like students caught in the frenzy of exam fever, politicians are feeling the heat, while the electorate, like examiners, are basking in the euphoria.

At the release of the election timetable in Abuja, Prof. Mahmood Yakubu reeled out 14 activities ranging from when party primaries will be conducted, when candidates’ names should be filed and when campaigns will start and end. The date for the collection of nomination forms by political parties for national and state elections begins from August 11 to 24, 2018. Conduct of party primaries including the resolution of disputes arising from primaries, was fixed, for August 18, 2018 to October 7, 2018 for national and state elections. Commencement of campaign by political parties is billed for November 18 for Presidential and National Assembly Elections; December 1 for Governorship and State Assembly elections. The last day for the submission of nomination forms to INEC is December 3, 2018 for Presidential and National Assembly Elections and December 17 for Governorship and State Assembly. INEC equally fixed the last day for campaigns for February 14, 2019 for Presidential and National Assembly Elections as well as February 28, 2018 for Governorship and State Assembly elections.

Prior to this, INEC had on March 9, 2017, set dates for the Presidential and National Assembly elections indicating that the presidential election would hold on February 16, 2019, while the governorship and state assembly elections would be conducted on March 2, 2019. Prof. Mahmood then hinted that henceforth, Presidential and National Assembly elections will hold on the third Saturday of the month of February of each election year, while governorship and state assembly elections will hold two weeks later. He buttressed that the timetable was aimed at engendering certainty in Nigeria’s electoral calendar, adding that it would enable all stakeholders to prepare adequately for elections as obtains in developing democracies. Prof. Mahmood explained that INEC has chosen to depart from past practice when dates were announced close to elections.

However, a cursory look at the timetable shows that the INEC Chairman, chose not to alter the order of voting set up during the 2015 polling process where the presidential elections were conducted first. This, according to political stakeholders seems to imply that he has chosen to toe along with the schedule mapped out by his predecessor to enthrone some consistency in the timing of elections. “The 2015 General Election was a watershed in the history of our democracy. The Commission is determined to build on this legacy by ensuring that our elections keep getting better”, Yakubu pledged.

Looking back from 1999, the calendar of elections has not always been stable. Sometimes the legislative elections come before executive elections, then at another time it is reversed, and still some other time the legislative elections got lumped with the executive. When the process for Nigeria’s return to democracy kicked off, the military led government of Gen. Abdulsalami Abubarkar having set up INEC, with the late Justice Ephraim Akpata as chairman to organize the 1999 elections the timetable placed State/National Legislative elections before that of Gubernatorial/Presidential. Both elections were held on February 20-27 1999 respectively. Then the 2003 second General Elections midwifed by the then INEC chairman, Mr. Abel Guobadia kept the status quo on the order of election calendar, but moved the election month from February to April 12-19. In the 2007 Elections, the INEC chairman Prof. Maurice Iwu maintained the format with elections holding in April, but tweaked the sequence of the election.  Iwu opted to conduct the State Legislative/Gubernatorial elections, before the National Legislative/Presidential elections. That order was once again altered with the appointment of Prof. Attahiru Jega as INEC chairman for the 2011 Elections. Prof. Jega allowed elections to hold in April, but changed the procedure of the elections. His timetable placed the conduct of the State/National Legislative election before Gubernatorial/Presidential.

Although the election was marred with bloodshed in some parts of the north, the then president, Goodluck Jonathan retained Prof. Jega as INEC chairman. And Jega, for the first time in Nigeria’s history, became the first national electoral commission Chairman to handle two successive general elections; a move many believed was a plus for experience. However, at the approach of the 2015 General Elections, Jega made sweeping changes in the election schedule he used in 2011. This time, elections were moved back up to February, though it was later postponed to March because of security challenges. The schedule stipulated that the National Legislative/Presidential polls were to be conducted first, and then followed by the State Legislative/ Gubernatorial elections. It was an election that raised lots of dust, and marks the first time an incumbent president lost re-election in Nigeria.

Political party leaders had after the release of the Timetable, expressed satisfaction and commended INEC for the stability and the timeliness. One of them, the National Chairman of National Conscience Party, Dr Yunusa Tanko, described the release of the timetable as a step in the right direction. “It will help political parties to start preparing in time. It will also help them to put all machineries in motion. You know it takes time to organise candidates and ensure their forms are ready for submission to INEC. Early release of the timetable should put them in check for re-election or handover,’’. Also the National Chairman of National Unity Party, Chief Perry Opara, agreed and hailed INEC. “It is very good; politicians and political parties can now plan; nobody will say that he was taken unawares. This is how it is done in civilised countries.’’ The Lagos State Secretary of Inter-Party Advisory Council, Mr Shola Omolola, said that the INEC action would impact positively on the general elections. “It will allow stakeholders to prepare well for the elections; it will ensure that politicians have an action plan for the election. It shows that our democracy is growing in line with international standards – with advanced democracies, where citizens are sure of the electoral calendar,’’ Omolola said.

Sun, 28 Jan 2018
National Coordinator of the Oodua Peoples Congress, (OPC), Otunba Gani Adams was recently installed the 15th Aare Ona Kankafo  of Yoruba land. For him, the new position is not business as usual, and not to be likened to when he was  co-ordinating OPC (Oodua Peoples Congress) and OPU (Oodua Progressive Union).  He said in this interview with Sunday Sun that  it’s a huge responsibility that will keep him on his toes to protect and project the culture and tradition of the Yoruba race more than ever before. He spoke more about his new office and the state of the nation.

Congratulations on your installation as the 15th Aare Ona Kakanfo, What does that title mean to you?

Let me take it like this. It’s a title of all Yorubas irrespective of the community you belong, and it’s a title that binds Yoruba people together, traditionally, culturally and even in terms of progress and potentials. It’s a traditional title that has been in existence for a period of about 558 years. Luckily, I’m the 15th Aare Ona Kakanfo. It means a lot in terms of status. Even though you are a president of the country your status has changed. If you are a president of a country, the highest as a president will be eight years but Aare Ona Kakanfo, its only God that will determine it, and the time of your death. So, it’s a unique position that every living Yoruba that is bold and brave, will like to attain.

What responsibilities does it come with? What are you expected to do?

I think the first thing is about the unity of the Yoruba race. Second is about the cultural evangelism because a lot of Yoruba do not know why we are having major problem. Some Yoruba people do not know the difference between culture and religion. Some even, because of religion they attack their tradition.  Everything that comes with tradition and culture about Yoruba, because of religious fanatics they demonize it. Before, we were doing this, we changed the perception of certain people in Yoruba land. And we made sure that we encourage people about our identity and try to sustain it in future. Our mother tongue is very important. We have to give respect to our mother tongue. Not that we won’t recognize the global language which is English and all those who speak Arabic language based on their religion, notwithstanding our mother tongue, our language is very important and we should be promoting it. The attires of Yorubas, we have to encourage our people that we have to identify with the attire of the Yoruba race. I won’t say you must put on Yoruba attire when you travel in winter. You can keep yourself with any foreign clothes, but when you are still in Nigeria, if you are not a banker, an independent minded person, you have to encourage Yoruba clothes. We have a lot of clothes, Ofin, Sanyan, Alari, even lace, it’s not our products, but Yorubas have taken it over. Ankara, Kampala all these things are very important. Some people may not take it serious but it’s a content of our liberation. Emancipation of Yoruba race has content. You can’t just go on the basis of political agitations. There are certain things that will help your agitation, that will help your struggle to emancipate your people. When your people do not even agree that they are core Yorubas, it will be very difficult for you to change their cycles. They will even be betraying Yorubas. They won’t take it seriously. So, all these contents have to be followed in sequence. And the issue of encouraging our people from abroad and discovering of some potentials.  We have a lot of potentials all over the world. Some of the best doctors in Saudi Arabia, in Europe, in the Uk, USA, some of our best products are in the Caribbean countries what have we done  to encourage them to come back to the country? What they are listening to abroad is negative news about Yorubaland and Nigeria. As Aare Ona Kakanfo, I will move closer to them to convince them, and talk to our governors and the Federal Government. These are assets for our dear country. Most of the things you look for in expatriates, these people can do more than expatriates because they have been in some countries for a period of 35 years and they have mingled with the system.  They are potentials of that country and we can use them here too. We tried to research on our history because there are lots of fictions about Yoruba history. The one we read when we were in school, the one we read when we were learning history is quite different from what we saw when we were moving from community to community, especially Ile Ife, the source and the cradle of Yoruba race. We have to make sure we give our erudite scholars give an authentic history of Yoruba race. Some of the unique communities in Yoruba race, their history has to be documented and put it in Aare ona kakanfo foundation websites. Even the history of Aare Ona Kakanfo we have to work on it. A lot of people believe that when you become Aare Ona Kakanfo you will not live long. I have to correct these wrong impressions. Many Aare Ona Kankafo stayed long in their reign. Like Oyabi; he became Aare Ona Kakanfo in less than 40 years and he left this world in his 90s. Latosa was more than 100 years and lots of them like that. And the issue of Yoruba tradition, casting fetish on us has to be discarded because there is no race in the whole world that does not have their own tradition. The word fetish in someone’s tradition is a process of slavery. There’s no race or tribe that does not have a tradition. Any race or tribe that does not have a tradition has already been in extinct. You must not call my tradition fetish tradition. It’s an insult. When we are running religion, we should use our common sense and wisdom. We don’t put ourselves in slavery because of religion. God created us for a reason, God gave us our culture, gave us our language, and our tradition and part of the structure of our tradition gave birth to traditional rulers, the obas. Are you saying all the obas are fetish products? Are you saying the process of becoming an oba that there is fetishness in it? These are grassroot leaders in every community. The word government in Yoruba was coined out of Ijoo Awon Oba. Ijoba. Definitely we have to correct that impression. Then the issue of looking for those who will reconcile our obas and our stakeholders. I read it in my speech that I want seven of our elders who are less partisan to be either the council of advisers for Aare Ona Kakanfo. Or we call them council of reconciliatory organ and department; they will be saddled with the responsibility to reconcile our royal fathers first. After doing that we move to the next stage, our politicians irrespective of political party.

Is there any conflict among the royal fathers?

We have to expect that. We have nothing less than 6,000 royal fathers. You have to expect conflict among them. Even if we have 100 Obas in Yoruba land they can’t agree for a period of 3 years. Either through history, through boundary, through political differences, they will disagree. So, there must be a standing structure that will move in and reconcile them. A certain structure was not created for it. That was one of the reasons there was vacuum for crises. So, I will try my best in that regard. Communities that have oba are more than 4,000; the ones with baales are more than 2,000. Definitely, you will expect some disagreement, some misunderstanding, and disparity in them. We have to make sure we address it. Even your children at home, within three months they will disagree. There will be a faction among them. Some will say I love mummy, some will say I love daddy. Some will say I don’t want to watch this TV programme and this will cause disagreement. Then the parents will come and resolve it. There’s no zone in Nigeria that does not have their own issues.

Sun, 28 Jan 2018
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Sun, 28 Jan 2018
Concluded The young Emmanuel Odeku grew up in Nigeria and was well of age sufficiently to understand 

Sun, 28 Jan 2018
By Abdul AbdulLateef 'There is no way anyone can manage a megacity State such as Lagos, unless you 

Sun, 28 Jan 2018
Austin Braimoh General Olusegun Obasanjo, erstwhile military dictator and civilian despot, is so predictable, 

Sun, 28 Jan 2018
CHRISTY ANYANWU Professor Osato Giwa Osagie has been a professor of Obstetrics and Gynaecology for many 

Sun, 28 Jan 2018
Christy Anyanwu Ace Fuji musician, King Wasiu Ayinde Marshal, aka Kwam 1,is credited for introducing 

Sun, 28 Jan 2018
CHRISTY ANYANWU Nigerian-born Ugochukwu Monye is the Creative Director of Ugo Monye, a contemporary men's 

Sun, 28 Jan 2018
Lindsay Barrett When the former European Footballer of the Year George Opong Weah was sworn in as President 

Sun, 28 Jan 2018
Oluseye Ojo, Ibadan Former Minister of Power and Energy, Prof Tam David-West, has taken a walk back in 

Sun, 28 Jan 2018
There are critical national challenges calling for the attention and intervention of the National Assembly. 

Sun, 28 Jan 2018
Five young and promising film critics have been selected from across the world to participate in the 
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