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We all know the ails of our country, the shortcomings of its leadership and we have discussed them in various for a, debates, articles, papers and many other mediums but the plain truth is that the endless analysis of our problems and solutions proffered on paper without taking action on them  will leads us nowhere and as dire as the situation may be today, we must unite to take back our fate in our hands, unite to create a third force; the true force, a united front that will reclaim not just our future but reassess the rules of engagement at all levels of government.

The precursor to the actualization of this goal is the birth of the Coalition for Nigeria Movement.

The Movement will not just amplify our feelings and struggles as a Nation, but will also be at the core of enabling a transition from where we are, to where we ought to be.

This movement is more than a demand for good governance and a better standard of living for every Nigerian, it is a movement that sets in motion and works the wheels towards the eventual actualization of our demand by bringing everyone together to collectively tackle the immense challenges that stunt our progress and their enablers and to consciously activate our constitutionally enshrined right not just to decide those who lead us but to keep them constantly accountable to us.

Come on board and reclaim your Country, its yours to preserve, protect and perpetuate.

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