"Everyday now, there is an occurrence of killing people." Buhari not in charge, he’s being governed – Fayose

Governor Ayodele Fayose of Ekiti State has stated that President Muhammadu Buhari is not in charge of Nigeria and that the country is being governed by a cabal in the Presidential Villa.

The governor, who said he does not have any against the President, insisted that Buhari does not have the political will to tackle security challenges facing the country such as the incessant attacks by Fulani herdsmen.

In a press statement by his Chief Press Secretary, idowu Adelusi, Fayose said, ”The constitution of Nigeria is no longer working. Let me come to the level of incidents happening around.

“In the conception of that constitution, it does not really want the governor of Ekiti to have control over security apparatus to help his people.

“And to worsen matters, people who are supposed to protect this constitution are now collaborators, they are the ones trampling on the constitution and that is the Federal Government.

“Everyday now, there is an occurrence of killing people. There is no security for anybody. A herder would threaten to command his cow to attack farmers.

“Anybody can see you on the way and attack you. They even slaughter their victims from the back. You can’t even demean an animal like that. They would even threaten farmers that if I see you in your farm, I will kill you. We have lost it.

“This administration rode to power with threefold promises, to fix economy and power and fight corruption, everything has failed in all aspect.

“Let us look at Ghana on the issue of herdsmen attacks, that country dealt with their herdsmen and got rid of them and they have peace of mind afterwards.

”But look at Nigeria, a minister would say that a governor is blocking the road. How important is a cow to human beings. I don’t know we got into this mess as a nation, we are at the mercy of cattle rearers.
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