‘I’m back to reclaim what belongs to PDP’, Atiku vows

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Former VP Atiku Abubakar aforesaid yesterday that he’s back within the Peoples party (PDP) to reclaim what belongs to the party.


Atiku WHO was formally launching his bid for the party’s presidential price ticket for next year’s election aforesaid the PDP would revamp the economy, re-unite the country and secure the lives and properties of Nigerians.

The former vp delivered a 17-line speech during which he aimed barbs at the ruling All Progressives Congress (APC), and appealed to “all of you where you will be that it’s time to currently re-embrace the party that has given US unity, prosperity and security during this country.”

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He aforesaid the APC government has failing, “to unite Nigerians. these days we have a tendency to area unit additional divided than in any time within the history of this country.”

Economic growth, per him has gone right down to but a pair of from seven-membered, adding: “Today we have a tendency to area unit witnessing the foremost insecure scenario in Nigeria ever since APC took over.

“More individuals have died in Nigeria beneath the APC than in Islamic Republic of Iran and Islamic State of Afghanistan. Is that what you want?

“Today we’ve got the best percent during this country. over ten million of our individuals are created fired beneath the watch of the APC administration. Is that what you want?

“Now what the PDP goes to try to to is to revive our economy, to unite our country, to confirm we’ve got security of lives and property.

“My fellow brothers and sisters of Adamawa State, it’s time we have a tendency to take back our state PDP! Power!”

National Chairman of the PDP, blue blood Uche Secondus, was among party stalwarts at the Ribadu sq., Yola, Adamawa State to witness the declaration.

He aforesaid at the event that a rebranded and repositioned PDP is clearly the party of selection determined and prepared to rescue Nigeria from the hands of APC.

“PDP is decided to finish the circle of continuing bloodletting within the country,” he said.

“A sign of a drowning party, the APC administration is threatening everybody, the lives of Reformed-APC leaders are now in danger but we are not afraid, they can’t kill everybody.”