Over 10 million people on cue for registration into Obasanjo’s adopted party

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The adopted party of former President Olusegun Obasanjo, African Democratic Party (ADC) has said its ongoing new membership drive is yielding fruitful results as over 10 million people are on cue for registration into various constituencies of the party. Chief Ralph Nwosu, the national chairman of ADC in an interview with Vanguard in Abuja said that it has successfully registered 1.2 million fee paying members in the last three months.


Chief Nwosu, who rated ADC as fastest growing political party in the country, said recent commissioned independent survey of the perception of the Nigerian public place the party among the five of the major parties currently in Nigeria.

According to the national chairman: “ADC is a vision driven grassroots political party with Role-Modelling Leadership paradigm. “We have recently become a platform of choice due to our abiding principles and values, an adoption of ADC by the President Obasanjo-led Coalition for Nigeria Movement CNM, Arise Nigeria, National Grassroots Initiatives NGI, and other people-oriented movements, and coalition of political parties. “The CNM, NGI, Arise Nigeria and others have a membership of 6.5Million persons. The ADC is not in the ridiculous and bizarre “Harvest-Bazaar” money politics and godfatherism. “We are members financed; every member pays N200 about 60cents for membership renewable every 4years, and monthly dues of 5cents. Within the last 3months, we have registered I.2 million fee paying members, and we have over 10 million persons on cue for registration in their various constituencies.

“As a political party that is mindful of and determined to make meaning and leverage on the diversity of our country, we have removed the dichotomies of North and South from our constitution. “Instead of the usual Deputy Chairman North, and Deputy Chairman South, ADC now has 6 Deputy Chairmen: Deputy Chairman Membership and Mobilization; Deputy Chairman Education, Doctrines, Ethics, and Values; Deputy Chairman Political Action; Deputy Chairman Government, Institution, and Civil Societies; Deputy Chairman Strategy, Innovation, and Change; and Deputy Chairman Inclusion and Mainstreaming.” Nwosu further noted that: “Our guiding Principles are clearly worded so that all members and joiners are clearly spirited. Our drive is good. Nigerians, young and old love the party and the ADC-spirit culture.” We recently commissioned an independent survey of the perception of the Nigerian public of five of the major parties currently in Nigeria.

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The APC, PDP, ADC, APGA, and SDP. The outcome put us as the number one party that most Nigerians will like to identify with, they say Nigerians want something new, refreshing, meaningful, deep, and sustainable. “From the poll we know that we still have a lot of work to do. We now know that if we remain focused and vision-driven, and continue with the mission as always we shall produce the next President of Nigeria. You will be invited for the inauguration. We thank you for the wonderful work you are doing in Nigeria and worldwide.”