Oyo 2019: How Accord Party robbed me – Abideen Olaiya

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A former gubernatorial aspirant on the platform of the Accord Party, Dr. Abideen Olaiya, has explained why he dumped the party to join the Action Democratic Party (ADP).


DAILY POST gathered that Olaiya was on Friday announced as the running mate to the former governor of the state, Chief Adebayo Alao-Akala in the 2019 general elections.

But, the don while reacting to his nomination by the ex-governor revealed that the decision to leave Accord party and thereafter accept the deputy governorship slot under the ADP was necessary following the series of irregularities in his former party.

Olaiya in a statement he personally signed and made available to DAILY POST Saturday evening in Ibadan, the state capital said that tiny political gladiators who traded honour for peanuts through conspiracy robbed him while in Accord party.

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He maintained that, “The last two weeks in Oyo state have witnessed series of political activities and activism as different political parties conducted their primaries.

“The primaries conducted at all levels have been faced with different irregularities and reactions, while some accept the exercise, some described it as a sham-bush.

“In Accord where I stood as a gubernatorial aspirant, I was robbed by tiny political gladiators who traded honour for peanuts through conspiracy. I was actually felt betrayed having given out my total trust to them.

“After this unfortunate incident, I wrote a petition to the National Headquarters of Accord at Abuja which was also supported by a protest letter from our people and the Olaiya support foundation (OSF).

“The journey came with several unpalatable revelations including the sale of fake membership card to all party members in the state by the National Secretary of the party, Hon. Adebukola Ajaja. I bought these fake cards for about half a million Naira last year. (Fraud).

“I was given assurances by the National executives that they would look into our petitions and do the needful to attain fairness and justice.

“As we all know, 24 hours is a long time in the political calendar, I have waited for about 144 hours but their response till now remains a mirage.

“Having gathered great political experience over the years, we understand the concept of delay tactics in politics and that is why we have opened our doors to various options to save our struggle.

“Many political parties have approached me to come and flag their gubernatorial ticket while some have come to request for a joint force. But, I believe many people have faith in our struggle and the sincerity about our campaign for good governance, hence no one was responded to assertively.

“My political sojourn since 1995 has been faced with many obstacles, mostly betrayals from people regarded as friends and the dearth of people of like minds within the political circle to drive our good governance mission.

“However, more often, God shows me their true colours and with His Blessings, our struggle has always been surviving. The ship under the control of God will always forge ahead despite the presence of heavy storms.

“Another point of reference in my political history was my being denied the ticket of Oluyole Federal representative ticket under the watch of Chief Ladoja in 2014. This I left behind, for I believe there are many good people in Oyo state yearning for good governance, hence, my struggle remains theirs too and I dedicated my struggle to them all.

“As humans, we are bound to have different perspective to issues. This made me and my team go back to the drawing board to have a critical and insightful look on 2019 general election as regards Oyo Guber seat.

“We concluded that our participation is critical at this crucial time considering the dynamics of the present tickets holder from balance and proper representation of our people from regional, religious and ideological perspectives. We believe that an “all representative government” setting is better than mono-ethnic, mono-religion or mono-ideological representation.

“Government belongs to the people and our negotiation for good governance is well received as a basis of considering affiliating with other political entities of similar interest, goals and objectives.

“Many choices and options are weighed carefully and strategically, considering the likely result from the Accord National Headquarters as regards our petition on the irregularities of their Oyo State primary election. These considerations have made us prepare for better alternatives as time remains the narcotic of the wound.

“Alongside with 17 local government executives of Accord, 13 aspirants, we decided to join force with the Action Democratic party (ADP) to form a formidable team to defeat the ruling party in the coming election having considered the pros and cons from different perspectives inherent in such merging or integration.

“Thus, I was offered the slot of the Deputy Governor which I accepted with the united goal of installing Good Governance with the contribution of my expertise, experiences and strength, most especially in the areas of Agriculture, educational advancement and their related projects.

“Many might have ascribed one or two things to my recent move but trust me, we have a great faith in God that our move is guided and will give rise to a new dawn in Oyo State and also, a path we need to thread to reach the promising land.

“At this junction, I will like to inform my family, friends, supporters, well-wishers and all the good people of Oyo State that our mission to serve good governance fits well into the disposition of Chief Adebayo Alao-Akala and we cannot afford to lose another 4 years to hand of these opportunists and propagandists whose only wish is to colonise the masses for their selfish interests.

“I pray to God to always guide me aright and bless my sacrifice. For on good governance we stand. We will not relent until the masses get the dividends of good governance”.