Buhari will be retired to his beloved Daura in 2019 – Atiku boasts

Buhari will be retired to his beloved Daura in 2019 - Atiku boasts

Former vice president and presidential candidate of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) for the 2019 general elections, Alhaji Atiku Abubakar, has said President Muhammadu Buhari would not only be defeated but would also be retired to his Daura hometown.

Atiku’s declaration was a reaction to the remarks credited to the national chairman of the ruling All Progressives Congress (APC). Oshiomhole had said that the PDP candidate would suffer a heavy defeat in the forthcoming polls, Vanguard reports.

Atiku, who spoke through his media aide, Paul Ibe, said: “It is not political soothsayers like Oshiomhole that will determine the outcome of the elections but let it be known to him that President Buhari will not only be defeated, he will be retired to his beloved Daura in 2019. “Does Oshiomhole think that Nigerians are fools? What will determine the direction of votes are the insecurity challenges, job losses, pain, anguish and economic strangulation that this incompetent government has subjected Nigerians too.

“For Atiku, it is about Jobs; for Buhari, it is hopelessness. For Atiku, it is about opportunities; for Buhari, it is insensitivity. For Atiku, it is about inclusiveness; For Buhari, it is clannishness. Atiku is all about Getting Nigeria Working Again. “So, we urge Oshiomhole to keep his peace and allow Nigerians who have passed through hell in the hands of his principal, to cast their votes in a transparent, free and fair elections.”