PDP speaks on secret pact with Governor Ambode after commissioner’s defection in Lagos

Lagos assembly frustrates Ambode’s bid to present budget

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The opposition Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) in Lagos state, on Thursday, December 6, denied engaging in any secret pact with Governor Akinwunmi Ambode to self-destruct the ruling All Progressives Congress (APC) in the state. The PDP stated this in reaction to claim by the APC that the commissioner for energy in Lagos state, Olawale Oluwo, who defected from the party to the PDP was an opportunist who, many times, tried to use the APC platform to promote his family interests. Oluwo had resigned from the government of Ambode and immediately joined the PDP. His action resulted in speculations that the opposition party had a secret pact between Ambode.


The speculation was that the governor wanted to remain in APC and suddenly declare his support for the PDP candidate, Jimi Agbaje. Vanguard reports that Felix Oboagwina, the director of media of the Jimi Agbaje governorship campaign, denied this claim: “Those are conjectures, those are theories, it doesn’t necessarily have to be true, but what can be said is that this was a marriage of convenience and it was bound to collapse and we are seeing the beginning of the end of that edifice that was put together just for a tyrannical purpose.

“We have always known that his former party is one that does not stand for internal democracy neither does it stand for external democracy as manifested in the primaries that recently held which left a bitter taste in the mouth of members of the party and the public. “So, it didn’t come as a surprise, it was just a matter of time. It indicates the beginning of the collapse of that marriage of convenience that was put in place just to remove the former government. It is just the beginning and we are expecting more. See what happened in Imo state also.
“We are expecting more of that to happen. When people come together in tyranny after destroying their common enemy, the next thing is that they begin to destroy one another. So, anyone who has common sense would now begin to run away from this drowning Titanic.” A statement by the publicity secretary of the APC in Lagos, Joe Igbokwe, had said: “It is on record that Oluwo first made an attempt to reap from the challenges of internal party democracy in our progressive movement when he teamed up with one of the losers in the 2007 primaries of the Action Congress to stop Babatunde Fashola’s sure victory at the polls. The unfortunate political adventurism failed woefully. 

“However, in the conventional demonstration of mercy and forgiveness, Oluwo’s principal, Sen Tokunbo Afikuyomi was accommodated in the second term cabinet of Governor Babatunde Fashola as the commissioner for tourism.

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“A similar milk of mercy and kindness led to the consideration Of Oluwo as a member of the Lagos state executive council under Governor Akinwunmi Ambode in the hope that he has purged himself of opportunism, disloyalty and vaulting desperation for power. “Oluwo had hardly resumed as the commissioner when he began his plot to use that office to advance his quest for political fiefdom. The object of his ambition was the positioning of his wife as the chairman of a local government,” the APC statement said.