APC’s negative change made me dump party for PDP – Ondo federal lawmaker

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The member representing Owo/Ose federal constituency of Ondo State at the House of Representatives, Bode Ayorinde has disclosed that his reason for dumping the All Progressives Congress, APC, for the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, was due to the deviation of the APC-led federal government from it campaign promises.


Ayorinde, who stated this in Owo, in the northern senatorial district area of the state, alleged that APC brought “negative change” to the Nigerians, hence his decision to quit the party.

Recall that the lawmaker was among the House of Representatives members that defected to the opposition party in July this year.

Ayorinde, who spoke during the flag off of his re-election campaign, stated that “When I was in APC, I was one of those people complaining about PDP. But PDP committed a mistake by wanting to retain power in the south after eight years of Obasanjo, two years of Ya’Adua north, six years of Jonathan south and the north have more population. So it was not even about performance it is about fairness, justice equity that we all felt that the government will go back to the north.

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“However we made a mistake of bringing a lifeless President who he has very good intentions but he doesn’t have the capacity to carry out his intentions.

“Some people just hijacked the government, so he could not secure Nigeria, he could not provide the jobs.

“When I left APC, I left because the change that was promised was not a positive change, it was a negative change, hike in prices, unemployment, insecurity among others and I felt that someone could do it better which is Atiku. I’m not happy with Buhari, let us try another person.”

Reacting on the decision of President Muhammadu Buhari is not assenting to the Electoral Act Amendment Bill, he stated that the president’s move would not affect the chances of the PDP presidential candidate, Atiku Abubakar in emerging victorious at the 2019 polls.

“The electoral, orderliness, fairness is in the hand of Nigerians, not in the hands of any law. However good or bad the law is, it is the human being that is matter, it is the same electoral act that ushered in President Buhari and we will still use it to bring in Atiku whether it was signed or not what am interested in is about Nigerians.

“We are just waiting for Atiku to be sworn in, those who voted PDP out, the N-PDP who broke out of the PDP and went to APC have left the APC, they are the winners, they have backed in PDP including many of us who are never in PDP before. The game is over for APC, the elections will come and nothing will happen, there won’t be any killing, everybody will come out en masse to vote for Atiku, their votes will be counts and Atiku will be declared a winner.”

The lawmaker also stated that he is optimistic of winning his constituency seat at the polls.