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No fewer than one hundred widows across the 18 local governments areas of Ondo state have been empowered by a nongovernmental organization, Women Advancement For Economic And Leadership Empowerment In Africa (WAELE).

According to the founder of the organisation, Otunba Basirat Nahibi said that one of the greatest needs of widows was economic empowerment.

This, according to her, many women had been stripped of their husbands financial and materials assets at the demise of their spouses.

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She noted that widowed mothers who have to support their families alone are forced to take their children out of schools and engage them in manual labour.

Otunba Nahibi who was represented by the National Secretary of the organization, Dr. (Mrs) Aisha Saliu Lemu at the empowerment programme said the long term objective of the organization was to have a strong, virile and committed organization that would continue to champion the sustainable emancipation of the African woman.

Nahibi also charged the beneficiaries to see the empowerment as great opportunities however advised them to have small business that would be generating money for them.

She said, “My advice to women is that they should have something doing that can bring money for them”.

In her welcome address, the Ondo state Coordinator, WAELE, Mrs. Grace Adeniseun said the primary aim of the founder was to increase women’s access to education and empowerment opportunities in order to ensure their sustainability livelihood.

WAELE state coordinator maintained that the aim was to enable women to live free of gender based violence by empowering women early which would make it easy for them to overcome the challenges of life, especially in relation to discrimination.

Adeniseun said, “What we have being doing since the establishment of the organization on 8th May, 2004 is to solicit support from people for our women for capacity training.

“We create an enabling environment for empowering women economically and politically. We advocate for peace and conflict resolution in Africa.

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“We are present and active in 53 African countries, we have carried out several training seminars and in depth information research on women related issues, we had the annual African women summit where women from different African countries meet to discuss and evaluate progress on our periodic workplan.

“We took five widows from each local government area across the 18 local government areas in Ondo state, and we are spending just 2million for the empowerment.

“Our next target now is that we are taking 35 women from Ondo state to Tanzania for training so that when they come back they can be doing something that will generate money for them”.

Adeniseun also called on her fellow women in Ondo state to gearup by participating in politics at their local environment levels.

“Women should come out and be voted for not they should be voting for people, we want them to be active in politics in their locality, environment, they should speak out for their rights”, she said.

The theme for the empowerment programme is, ‘Economic Empowerment of Widows In Africa’.




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