Sex between Earthlings and humans living on Mars could be disastrous, scientist reveals –

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Elon Musk is just one of many humans who believe it’s inevitable that our species will move to Mars. Once we get there, it’s likely that evolution will lead to the creation of an entirely new species adapted to conditions on the Red Planet. Now one scientist has warned that sex between Earthling and people from Mars could be very, very risky indeed. ‘I don’t think there has been nearly as much discussion about what would become of the people that are living in these colonies generations later,’ Professor Scott Solomon told Inverse. ‘Evolution is faster or slower depending on how much of an advantage there is to having a certain mutation. ‘If a mutation pops up for people living on Mars, and it gives them a 50% survival advantage, that’s a huge advantage, right? ‘And that means that those individuals are going to be passing those genes on at a much higher rate than they otherwise would have.’ People living on the Red Planet are likely to suffer major physiological changes, becoming short-sighted because they no longer need to see for long distances like they would on Earth. This wouldn’t necessarily increase the risk of sleeping with ugly people and having unsightly babies, because you’d still have to get close enough to a potential lover partner to screen their looks before the moment begins, But it does illustrate how people who move to Mars are likely to evolve over the generations. One of the most important changes is likely to be to the immune systems of pioneers. Here on Earth, we’re constantly under attack from bacteria and viruses which literally live everywhere. On Mars, the soil is sterile and it’s not thought that bugs are present in anywhere near the numbers we Earthlubbers are used to to – if they even exist at all. This means that over the generations, Mars-dwellers could lose their immune systems, making sex with anyone living on the mother planet an extremely risky affair which could even be ‘lethal’. So if Mars dwellers want to enjoy an active love life, they will have to stick to their own Red Planet neighbours.