Galaxy S10+ Park Hang Seo Limited Edition comes in a stunning Prism Silver color – news –

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Samsung has never been a stranger to launching exclusive colors and editions of its phones well after their initial release date. The latest Galaxy S10 pair is no exception. Recently the couple received a Cardinal Red finish, as well as an Olympic Games Edition. Both of these fairly limited in availability, but not really quite as unattainable as the latest Galaxy S10+ Park Hang Seo Limited Edition. If you don’t know who Park Hang Seo is (we admit we had to double-check as well), he is a former football player and the current coach of the Vietnam national football team. Which would explain why his limited edition S10+ will only be available within the country in limited supplies, starting June 16 for a price of VND 23,990,000 (~$1,030). That gets you a nicely designed box with one of Samsung’s wireless power banks and an official NFC-enabled Park Hang Seo back cover that apparently applies an exclusive One UI theme when you put it on the S10+. Galaxy S10+ Park Hang Seo Limited Edition There are no other internal or software modifications to the Park Hang Seo Limited Edition S10+, but it does come in a new Prism Silver color. Like the name implies it shares its overall gradient effect with the widely-available Prism White S10 dye, but has a different base color and whitish and reddish around the top and bottom of the back panel. Unfortunately, like most gradient finishes, the camera doesn’t exactly capture it in all its aspects. Still, there are quite a few shots to enjoy. Galaxy S10+ Park Hang Seo Limited Edition And if you find yourself really lusting after a Prism Silver Galaxy S10+, apparently the color is also scarcely available in Hong Kong. Not in any special edition with extra goodies in the box, though. Hopefully this little bit of extra info helps somebody out there on this very specific product hunt. Source (in Vietnamese)