Top Five (5) Online Marketplace To Sell Your Car In Nigeria

Top Five (5) Online Marketplace To Sell Your Car In Nigeria

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You would agree with me that selling off used or a new car have over the years proven to be not as easy and convenient as buying one.


It might take some time for that to turn around but are you planning to sell off your car(s) in Nigeria and you want that done fast? and with convenience? Don’t want to go through the hassles of finding a buyer for your car? Then you might want to try these online platforms below.


CARMARTNG is Nigeria’s no.1 fast-growing automobile marketplace. Our goal is to make automobile trading between buyers and sellers conveniently fast and easy within the comfort of your mobile device in seconds. is Nigeria’s fast-growing car marketplace with the goal of helping car deals to sell their cars both used and new, spare parts and car accessories. At Car Mart Nigeria our passion is to build the infrastructure for commerce that allows sellers and buyers of Nigerian used and New Cars, spare parts and car accessories to exchange value quickly, cheaply and with unhindered access to independent relevant information required for decision making.

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2. cheki

Cheki offers a trusted, reliable and cost-effective online marketplace for the widest range of quality vehicles. We do not sell cars directly but, offer a state-of-the-art advertising medium for users to buy and sell their cars, vans, bikes, trucks and other vehicles. For car dealers, importers and individual sellers we provide a huge reach of serious buyers. We host a dedicated community of people who love cars, while still supporting even the first-time buyer in their purchasing decision.

3. OLX

This is one of the oldest online marketplaces to easily find a buyer for your Automobile. Founded in 2012 by Fabrice Grinda and Alec Oxenford, OLX has over 1200 employees and about 2 million active buyers who may want your old or used car.

4. Cars45

Self-Acclaimed Nigeria’s favourite car buying service, Cars45 will buy your car directly from you in 45 minutes! It’s easy as it sounds. Unlike other above-listed platforms which you get to wait for an “interested” buyer to call, Cars45 buys your car directly from you after evaluation of your car.

Founded by Etop Ikpe in 2016, the one-year-old Car purchase platform recently raised $5 million to even further better services provided.

5. Naijauto is a leading portal for automotive classified ads in Nigeria. With a comprehensive automobile database and advanced SEO technology, strives to become the most trusted and efficient platform for buying and selling vehicles online.


How to Sell cars, Auto parts on Car Mart Nigeria

How do I place an ad?

It’s very easy to place an ad: click on the button “SELL” above right.

What does it cost to advertise?

The publication is 100% free throughout the website.

If I post an ad, will I also get more spam e-mails?

Absolutely not because your email address is not visible on the website.

How long will my ad remain on the website?

In general, an ad is automatically deactivated from the website after 3 months. You will receive an email a week before D-Day and another on the day of deactivation. You have the ability to put them online in the following month by logging into your account on the site. After this delay, your ad will be automatically removed permanently from the website.

I sold my item. How do I delete my ad?

Once your product is sold or leased, log in to your account to remove your ad.