Otu Njama’s ‘Inhibition’ set for cinema release – Vanguard

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The phenomenal movie, Inhibition, will be released on August 2nd 2019 in cinemas across Nigeria. The daring tale laced with visual opulence has been making the rounds as ‘the must watch movie’ on various fronts and has been tipped by movie pundits to be one of the flicks to set the Box office aglow in 2019. Standing on the threshold of quality productions, the highly entertaining movie parades stars such multi-award/Gulder Ultimate search season 8: The contest of champions winner, Charles Okagbue, screen sensation Rosemary Abazie, veteran Ekpenyong Bassey Inyang, the delightful Henry Udoruisi, Asa’ah Samuel, Violet Ejiata, Queeneth Agbor, Enobong Omon, among others. Otu NjamaInhibition was written, produced and directed by the ingenuity laden, Otu Njama. The story embedded with elements of comedy and thriller unveils Churchill (Charles Okagbue) a nerd, who is a fashion disaster, socially ignorant young man in love with a Pastor’s daughter. She is his first girlfriend and the love birds are headed for the altar. However, they are manipulated by a couple of close friends into playing the dreaded game “truth or dare” which sets them on a course they never bargained for! The highly anticipated movie was shot for a month and the end product unveils the director’s sound professionalism in paying attention to technical details ensuring that these vital elements are at par with international standard. According to Otu Njama “the movie, Inhibition, with certitude stands out from the array of movies that have graced the big screen. I’m delighted that months of diligence and resilience has paid off, resulting in this good production which boasts of high-end technical values synonymous with international standard. The story which has elements of comedy and thriller therein projects a true reflection of what obtains in everyday life viz a viz relationships. It is a good movie and we urge people to come out en mass to watch same upon its release.” Charles Okagbue whose filmography includes Lotanna, Kada River, stated “I loved every moment I spent on the set of Inhibition. The director knew what he wanted and left no stone unturned in ensuring he realized his vision for the movie. He made it feel like a walk in the park with his creativity. The story indeed is a true reflection of what can happen before taking your marital vows, reminding us that there shouldn’t be room for secrets between the intended parties. It is without an iota of doubt a wonderful movie and fans are in for a thrilling ride when it hits cinemas on August 2nd”. Inhibition stands out from the plethora of movies that have been thus far released in cinemas this year and will no doubt be worth our monies spent. The movie will subsequently be shown in cinemas in Ghana. VANGUARD