Snapsong 103: (Incendiary Incentives)

6 days ago 8

Niyi Osundare

In this land of a thousand wonders

We send fire on different errands

And ever so loyal, ever so obedient ,

It knows where to burn, and where to spare

You may send it to the Government Secretariat

Straight and direct to the Bursar’s office

Where those big files on looted funds

Are waiting for the investigator’s probe

You may send it to a rival company

Whose products rub shoulders with yours

On the open market. Just one bottle of gasoline

Will put them out of active service

The target may be the head office

Of the opposing political party

Fire being no respecter of faith and flag

It burns brightly blind wherever the price is right

Veteran poll-riggers never underestimate

The power of fire. Burning ballot boxes

And smoldering polling agents know too well

The glowing efficacy of incendiary demon-crazy

And now here it comes: the Holy Ghost Fire

Proclaimed on business competitors, romantic rivals,

Sundry enemies real and non-real; so no weapon

Fashioned against you shall ever prosper

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